EM360 Studio

Understand the world

EM360 Studio is the division of publishing and premium content production of EM360 Group.

We rely on a professional team, with a wide experience in TV and online video content that can deliver a wide range of services.

The social-economic and political context nowadays is complex and dynamic and ever-changing. EM360 Studio intends to offer a better understanding of the world around to its intelligent audience, endowed with critical thinking.

Customized content and partnerships

EM360 Studio generates own content products, that educate the public regarding some economic or social industries or phenomena.
We can easily and rapidly create co-branded content products for our clients that do not enter the logo of EM360.
We intend to help the economic and institutional leaders be relevant for the audiences with the largest influence potential.


  • Concept, Script & Storyboard
  • Casting, Setup, Video Consultancy
  • Training Media & TV + Public Speaking
  • Animations, Video Graphics
  • Voice Over, Sound Design & Music
  • Tutorials & Video Trainings
  • Corporate Video Productions
  • Commercial Video Productions

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