Reputation by content

Adrian Măniuţiu - EM360 Group
Adrian Măniuţiu - EM360 Group

A brand means first of all reputation.

The organizations addressing educated and intelligent audiences, that can influence, in their turn, audiences increasingly larger in their social network, can get better results by reputation management. This is EM360 Consultancy’s job at EM360 Group. We help our clients help their audiences to better understand the industry where they operate or important market phenomena and contexts.


Strategy and content-first

What do we want to get? How? And of all things, why?

These are starting questions, by which we get to explore the complex context of our clients and we start with the first step: the strategy.

The wide working experience in very large industries

provides a wide perspective, by which we manage to include each stakeholder, decision or influence factor required to formulate a sound communication strategy.

Once the strategy is decided, we support our clients

with all related services, required to 360 communication, reaching consumers in each point they consume media - digital or offline.

We live in the Content Era and under the same roof we have EM360 Studio, this is why our thinking in terms of building the brands is content-first, not advertising-first. A 21st century thinking, not 20th.

Adrian Măniuţiu - EM360 Group

Premium content in-house

Our unique position on the market is secured by the in-house content studio and the state-of-the-art equipment operated by experts with sound experience. This advantage allows us to generate video and audio content and a more rapid and more lucrative writing compared to other agencies on the market.


  • Reputation management
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Consultancy, Strategy, Research
  • Applications and Web Development
  • Social Media & Content Management
  • SEO, SEM and Performance Marketing
  • Creative concepts and content
  • Branding, graphic design and packaging
  • Digital and offline events
  • Internal communication audit
  • External communication audit
  • Advertising & Media
  • Perception campaigns, screening & profiling
  • Trainings, Media & Public Speaking
  • Communication campaigns
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