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Ambassador of Entrepreneurship within the Antreprenor 2020 project, I am an entrepreneur in constant search of new opportunities and ideas. I was born in Cluj-Napoca in 1979, and I studied Business and Marketing in Germany. I worked in investments and real estate development fields. About 10 years ago I established PhotoMedia – later transformed into the EM360 GROUP – an expanding agency focused on creative marketing, media productions, communication, and reputational management. I have also gained a vast experience in television, both as a TV producer, and presenter, as well as a co-producer, and format developer.  Thus, as part of the group, EM360 Studio was launched in 2019 – a web-TV channel focusing on premium sets of productions in infotainment, business/entrepreneurship and talk fields.

My story has begun 15 years ago with my first job in the graphics department of one of the biggest TV stations in Romania. That was the department where I grew for almost 10 years, during which time, in addition to developing my job-specific skills, I also had the opportunity to develop my management skills, strategic vision, and tactical thinking. Six years ago, I have embarked in the entrepreneurship journey with Celestin, who has been my colleague and friend for more than 28 years. Our business offers full digital services, from strategy to analytics, from design to execution. It is time to take a new step, to move from a service niche to an integrated 360 solution – something we will do without resentment, as part of the EM360 Group.





What I like about what I do is that my job is defined by 3 elements: creativity, attention to details, and solution delivery. From the very beginning of my career, 15 years ago, I can say that I have discovered these attributes in my essence as a person. I like to intertwine the video and graphics production with the actual part based on solutions and results. I believe that the two parts are interconnected, as are the services that we now provide as EM360 GROUP. In the century of speed, I think it is highly important to be able to deliver top quality content, up-to-date video executions, niche audiences, cost-effective solutions, and the results promised. That’s what we do. From a professional point of view, I like to say that I am a friend of the customer, not just a business partner.

I like to believe that all the steps I have taken so far, and the professional changes I have made during my 14 years of career have helped me become the professional I am today. I have devoted the first 10 years to learning, I went through multiple roles from communication strategy to trade marketing, advertising production, account management, brand management, key account director & managing director, thus building a 360˚-vision on the field I have chosen to work in: Marketing and Communication. I believe both professionally and personally in communication, transparency, and accountability. These principles make me the person who can bring together complex projects, dynamic teams, and happy customers.





I was lucky to know from high school that I wanted to become a journalist. I still don’t know why I wanted it, because I had no idea what journalism meant, but it turned out that I had the knack, because I have chosen one of the most beautiful professions. From 2005 until July 2018, I worked in the Economics Section for Curierul Național, Mediafax, Adevărul, Business Standard, Evenimentul zilei, and România liberă. Big and important editorial offices, where I was able to grow professionally. At the same time, this profession has given me the necessary openness to see special places and meet extraordinary people who have influenced both my professional path, and my philosophy of life. 2018 was a special year, because I left the mainstream media and stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, setting up my own platform for energy news, filed in which I specialized for 12 years. I have also taken the first steps in the communication consultancy. This again was a good and inspired decision, because I have started exploring a part of the communication field that fulfils me professionally. I have joined the EM360 team in January 2020. The strengths that have always helped me in my career are my involvement, reliability, and passion. And the storytelling is my ‘superpower’ that I’ve refined over time. Also, out of passion for communication, but in a different form, an artistic one, I have joined an amateur theatre company. So, since 2018 I have been also feeling the joy of telling stories on stage.

The film and story have always been a constant in my life. And after I finished the faculty of direction, I worked for several years in cinematography, and in theatre. I’ve experienced roles in script writing, montage, sound, acting, scenography, production and many more. All that has helped me correctly understand the film, story, and production. I read a lot, especially fiction, and I’m passioned about film photography made with an old Canon AE-1 camera. Lately I’ve been sim racing – an intense and immersive experience I recommend to any motorsport enthusiasts. For over two years now, I have taken up the EM360 challenge, and I like to deliver creative, one-of-a-kind projects.





I have always wanted to find a place that offers me a multitude of activities that bring along new challenges, to keep me up like a book of Daniel Kahneman. The wide range of services that the EM360 Group offers brought something extra at the time I decided to join the team. Photography has always been one of my passions, which I happily practice when I’m hiking in the mountains. I have always been captivated by communication, media, marketing, and advertising – specializations that I pursed at faculty as well. Over the years I worked as contributing editor and multimedia coordinator – fields that have added to my adaptability and punctuality in everything I did.

I am very lucky because I have worked closely to people who helped me be better, made me want more and not to give up when obstacles came in the way. 3 years after I graduated from the Faculty of Marketing within ASE Bucharest – and I was active in different fields during this 3-year period – I decided to join the EM360 team. Here I have learned lots of new things and I am glad I am part of a team of creative and friendly people in a dynamic industry. My greatest passion is swimming, I have practiced this sport for 10 years, 3 years of swimming and 7 of polo which helped me strengthen my self-confidence and induced a balanced state of mind. I am an excited and active professional, known for my optimism and calmness in both personal and professional live.





I like to create, and I have always known that. I have refined my artistic vision at the Faculty of decorative arts and design from Bucharest and I accumulated a varied experience in the 14 years of working in the business; today I reached a balance between the creative and the professional live, or more simply put: I deliver original creations that reflect the client’s brief, even if the deadlines are urgent. Through my creations I’d like to convey emotions and make people take action. Therefore, most of my dear projects are from the „packaging” area, ads layouts and not only. I love brainstorming with my colleagues, discussing on the agency terrace and the creative concepts.

12000 episodes seen. 2776 movies. 612 books read – statistics has always been one of my obsessions. In the last 7 years I’ve walked 13805 km and I’ve run 7034 km. I run – half-marathons and marathons, I read, I work, I watch movies, series, football matches, all on the up-and-up. Numbering also. I worked as montage editor for 3 years in television shows, the following 9 years as graphic designer in news television and since 2017 I am part of the EM360 team due to my tight connection with Bogdan and Celestin. I consider myself an introvert, pragmatic, extremely punctual, responsible and I refuse to fail to comply with the deadline.





Cameraman. The wiseman in this gathering. It is a delicate way to say I am old, as I am reminded at every turn. I have filmed for 22 years, after I gave up the military uniform, and I convinced myself that working with images is great for people who have more difficulty handling words, but nevertheless would like to say something. I worked in television for more than 16 years, at the news. I sat for hours on the kerbs at the prosecutor’s office, waiting for statements, I filmed also in Iraq and Afghanistan, I made live transmissions at elections, in Romania and abroad, but I also filmed floods, accidents or for economic or social reportages. I have been freelancing for 7 years, and the collaboration with EM360 and Adi Măniuțiu came due to our common television roots, where our roads crossed a little, if any. And, although I had no history with the EM 360 team, it turned out we work extremely well together. At least this is how I see things; I hope they see it, too.

I come from a long line of journalists, so, practically, it’s in my blood. 😄 For almost 15 years I have worked in communication projects and content development for tv, written press, online and offline. If I described myself in 3 words, I would choose: dedicated (not to say workaholic😂), creative (I have a colourful imagination, without being crazy 😂) and professional (not to brag 😂).





After 23 years in television, where I covered all areas – from stretching the cables, mounting the sets, learning mounting directing, filming in the set, mounting the lights up to hosting a show – in 2017 I decided to stop at writing. The episodic experiences in the printed press, online și radio, but especially in the best television teams in Romania – Observator, În Premieră, Telejurnal, Biziday, correspondence – helped me learn to write better. Today I write anything related to professional communication and communication campaigns and I participate at small visual productions that remind me of the fascinating period we live in with regard to technical resources. I have collaborated with Adi Măniuțiu since 2017 in almost all large projects of EM360. I am an instructor of Ashihara Karate, I ran a few half-marathons and the two most recent passions are mountain bike and gardening.

I had the opportunity to navigate among different industries, from Farma, at FMCG, Fashion, Auto or Constructions, which gives me the advantage to understand people and their needs from a 360o perspective. I translate the vision in strategy and creation, passing it also through the curator filter. From engagement to brand awareness, I rely on the exercise of the relevant content, but not only for Social Media. And because successful strategies or tactics – in most cases – rely on a good story, I am the man crafting the stories creatively, but also purposefully.



ref. Communication Specialist

I worked in television for 16 years. The newsroom was practically the place where I grew up professionally. I worked as editor, reporter, reporting and survey producer, editor, head of section, coordinator of special campaigns and projects, presenter/moderator, deputy editor-in-chief, editor-in-chief. I met hundreds of people, I covered topics from different fields: Event, Political, Economy: floods, accidents, medical premieres, elections, legislative amendments, but most part of work television was related to Social, especially Health. I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and now I teach television there. I have learned for more than a year what it means to work in a PR and Marketing Agency. Now I manage projects that share one point: communication. If I could, I would travel 11 months out of 12 every year and I envy people who turned it into a job, I am a Cognitive Sciences enthusiast, I’ve started to decipher them with academic guidance and I am sure I would be on the podium if they ever decide to organize a World Cup for watching documentaries and movies.

I am Ana Zambori and I am a creation person 24/24, I am an architect and art director, sometimes together, sometimes separately. I was born and I took up residence in Bucharest. I graduated from the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu from Bucharest – the Architecture section – and I refined my knowledge and creative and technical researches through studies in Lisbon and architecture practice in Barcelona. I currently perform my interdisciplinary activity both on my own, in personal and freelance projects, in architecture and design competitions, and in cooperation with creation studios. I get involved and I create projects that are structured, imagined and substantiated very well, I am looking to marry the concept with the tech part. I constantly explore my curiosity, experimenting weird ideas and innovative techniques and my ’soft spot’ is playing with the plans and the architectural forms, 3d views and animations and illustrations.



I have worked in digital communication and brand for 12 years; during this time, I have developed more than 50 existing brands by campaigns, and I have created from scratch more than 25 brands under product status. From the very beginning I liked to mix up strategy and creation – the why and the how. This is what I enjoy doing also together with the EM360 team for its projects and clients. I was attracted by the team’s consistency and professionalism and management, but also by the quality and innovation culture. At EM360 you know for sure they will try something new, a content and communication with impact for audiences. During my spare time, I enjoy walking my Golden Retriever, Jesse, and I also make – I daresay – the best pasta carbonara in Bucharest. In Romania they make very good pasta carbonara at Cluj, but I am not competing with them. 

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